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Edge shortlisted for UK Digital Experience Awards 2019

16/04/2019 / EVENTS / NEWS

JTC Private Office’s purpose-built online platform ‘Edge’ has been shortlisted in the Financial Services category of the 2019 UK Digital Experience Awards.

This shortlisting comes five months after the official launch of JTC Private Office, which offers a holistic service built explicitly around the unique needs of an individual client or family. To find out more information on JTC Private Office click here.

JTC Private Office states that ‘time is the new luxury’ and as a result we treat the development of technology that enables us to deliver that as a fundamental goal. Edge provides easy access to a consolidated view of all of a client’s financial and non-financial assets, allowing them to easily view and manage their entire life in one place.

Now in its fifth year, the UK Digital Experience Awards (UKDXA) 2019 incorporate both sector and discipline-specific categories, aimed at celebrating the many ways digital technology can be used to enhance customer or client experiences. In being shortlisted for a Digital Experience Award, Edge joins a long list of the UK’s most well established brands.

Iain Johns, Group Head of Private Wealth Services, commented:

“It is fantastic news that Edge has been shortlisted for its first award, just five months after the launch of JTC Private Office. JTC invests heavily in technology and the delivery of new and innovative client tools which allow us to stand out from the crowd remains a key objective. I’m confident that Edge will continue to earn the recognition we believe it deserves, as it is a unique offering built entirely around the needs of our clients.”

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