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JTC to Sponsor and Attend the 2023 Isle of Man Aviation Conference

16/06/2023 / EVENTS

JTC is sponsoring and attending the 2023 Isle of Man Aviation Conference on Wednesday 21 June. The conference will take place at the Villa Marina in Douglas.

The conference, now in its eleventh year, has become renowned among industry professionals. It provides a venue to discuss the issues and challenges facing the industry while also highlighting the Isle of Man’s attractive benefits for aviation.

Aidan Davin, Managing Director of Isle of Man, and Rochelle Boyd, Senior Manager, will be attending from the Isle of Man office. Nic Arnold, Head of JTC Private Office – UK, will be attending from the London office. Nic Arnold also heads JTC’s luxury asset practice team, where she is responsible for clients’ and families’ much loved assets such as private aircraft, superyachts, art, and more.

The team will be showcasing the services and expertise JTC can offer in the aviation industry. Regardless of whether the aircraft is being used privately or commercially, JTC’s aviation team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that all administrative matters are proactively dealt with.

JTC Aircraft Services

If you would like to learn more about JTC’s aviation services, please click here.

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