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Nic Arnold Speaking at London’s 2023 Superyacht Investor Conference

10/03/2023 / EVENTS

Nic Arnold, Head of JTC Private Office – UK, will be joining the panel of speakers at the 2023 Superyacht Investor conference in London on 14 and 15 March.

The event is one of the leading conferences in the superyacht industry, and it brings together experts in the fields of yacht builds, finance, purchasing and ownership, alongside operational aspects such as yacht chartering and crew management. The agenda will also address important topics for the industry including ESG and the changing demographics of yacht owners.

Nic will be running a panel on the fractional ownership of superyachts, covering the benefits and pitfalls of partnering with another buyer and how to achieve good operational governance over the running of these complicated assets. As representatives of owners who are interested in the joint ownership of yachts and aircraft, this is an important area for JTC both in terms of looking after the families that enjoy the assets and managing the shared ownership structures.

As head of JTC’s luxury asset practice, Nic understands the many complex factors involved in owning high value assets. Her role at JTC Private Office is to ensure that the highest levels of professional governance are applied to families’ lives, whether that be supporting family members themselves or their family offices.

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